Gifts and Products

Alongside my work on corporate events and weddings, I create bespoke personalised cards, wedding readings and song lyrics, and have also produced the following pieces of artwork, all available to be ordered and personalised, especially for you! Get in touch to make your order!


Personalised dinosaur creations, each one individually handmade with thousands of painted dots! You choose your favourite colours, your favourite dino* and the first letter of your name and let CrestCalligraphy do the rest! (*other non-jurassic creatures also available – butterflies, elephants, crocs – your choice!)

Price: £25 unframed / £45 framed. Plus postage. Maximum of 2 colours per dinosaur.

‘Adventure Awaits’ World Map

A vintage world map, with the inspirational words ‘Adventure awaits’ hand written in beautiful calligraphy – perfect for every explorer! Each map is 19.5 inches by 27.5 inches and can be ordered framed or unframed.

Price: £25 unframed / £55 framed. Plus postage.

Watercolour quotes

Handpainted colourful watercolour paintings, with your favourite handwritten quote – perfect as a special gift for a new baby, christening, wedding or birthday. Colours and quotes of your choice. Each A4 picture can be personalised with date and names.

Price: £20 unframed / £40 framed. Plus postage.

‘Home is where the heart is’ Personalised Map

A personalised keepsake with a map of your favourite place, with the heartwarming quote handwritten beneath, along with the exact co-ordinates of your special place. All set within a beautiful box frame. A truly unique gift for any occasion. Inside Frame 6in x 6in.

Price: £35 framed. Plus postage.

‘What if I fall?’ Canvas

The beautiful and inspiring quote by Erin Hanson, handwritten on canvas, in gold ink.

Price: £15. Plus postage.


‘Would you like an adventure now?’ Peter Pan A3 Art

The perfect artwork for every adventurer, of any age, this fun and heartwarming quote comes in A3 size, each piece individually handwritten by Margot at CrestCalligraphy.

Price: £30 unframed. Plus postage.

Personalised Cards – £8 plus postage



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